Nowadays the moments in which I more often want to look inside than outside are increasing. My hackles are raising when news in the media seem implausible to me. Where are we going to? In conversations with my guests often dissatisfaction about here and now is resonating. You are happy if you can manage to stay in a small circle with intimate people.

There is one subject concerning me very much: The public debate “woman vs man”. In the media there is a discussion about the image of the woman and the role of the man. Looking around outside I often see masculine looking women with their briefcases and smartphones. But I see more and more men pushing a pram or carrying a baby in front of their belly.

Men are brilliant. Again and again I come to the conclusion: Awesome,,men – keep your power and stand up straight. You are awesome. 

Women are awesome as well – particularly those who feel their feminine energy deeply inside themselves and transform it into real life.

If men and women feel their energy, they will be able to face each other instead of fighting, to learn by each other, to complement each other. That’s good for both of them.

In my tender age I preferred being a boy. The chance of being a pilot or flying into space seemed to be more available for a boy. Somehow later I understood that it is definitely ingenious to be a woman.

Why? I’ll be telling you next time – keep curious.

Escaping far and away is something I took to task.  A far distance is alluring me from time to time to leave my cosy nest for drawing on the unlimited and combining the wealth out there with mine.  

Then the delight for creativity is increasing and so a little poem was generated, which I would like to declaim – and of course the camera could catch these beautiful moments.

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