The first voice touching me in a special way was Amanda Lear’s. Her “Follow me, just follow me . . .” engraved itself very deeply into my memory. I was fascinated when I saw her on TV. This cozening deep voice  took me up and away. Later this voice disappeared from my memory when my own one found its determination.

I like my voice very much, when it is cozening like Amanda’s in those days. It only needs a few words and engaging yourself in the magic of abandonment.

Indulgently and caring I form my lips, open them, and with a smile my words find my guest. He is engaging himself. His is looking between my eyes which are cozening his look to comforting places and to my inviting mouth. “Abandon yourself to me. Follow me . . . follow me . . ., come on, . . .come . . .” Meanwhile my hand keeps touching “him” for finding the right rhythm.

Words, looks, hands, your body very close to mine . . . Come on . . ., come . . .

You want to enjoy my voice? Come closer and let yourself in this.

As a little foretaste I played with my voice a little bit. There is a nice poem about “myself” and I like it, because the poet was able to catch this special “Anna spirit” in such a unique way. 

Thank you, Phil 🙂



An Stand

Anna berührt. Berührt.
Intransitiv. Kein Objekt.
Berührt einfach. Sie.
Nicht sich. Nicht mich.
Nicht diesen. Nicht jenen.
Anna berührt.

Anna berührt.
Mit Haut und Händen.
Erfahren. Routiniert.
Annas Hände
berühren berühr berüh be
Langsam. Nicht so schnell.
Mach’s noch mal, Anna.

Da capo. Von vorn.
Nein. Rückwärts.
So ja na na annA.

Anna berührt.
Hände. Schweben.
Hautnah. Ah
Aah Anna
Berühren. Rühren. Führen
rum rauf rum
oh Anna

Anna berührt.
Zeit steht still. Steht still.
Steht. Noch einmal. Da capo.
Da Vinci. Da Coda.
Anna berühr takt akt ackt
an ackt annackt
takt weise leise psst

Hände. Hand. Stand.
Stand An An Stand.
Stand Hand. Hand Stand.
Oh Anna

Und wieder erröten
die Finger