I love it – to let my eyes wander across the little nail varnish bottles. Is there anything new, which colour am I feeling like just now? Bright or dark – pearly or red – aubergine or something glittering? And just always I discover something new, something exciting.

Exciting . . . hmm – I let my eyes wander across my hands. My hands experience exciting things again and again here in my studio. Meanwhile – experienced as they are – they should caress routinely passionately the skin of my guests. Abide by some points with caution, at other points they circle around, rubbing a little bit here and there. I think a man’s body should be well known to my hands – back, arms, neck, head, down to his tooshie and his legs. But for myself it is always like touching for the first time.

First of all, my oil moistened hands stop for a while on his back, before they slide slowly up towards his neck. It is really prickling a little bit and this prickling energy is somehow flowing through my fingertips. This is a very particular feeling which is wonderfully going out and out. As if they were foreboding what they are going to do. Then I can hear a comforting breathing, sighing or even a cat’s purring. My hands are wandering downward, widely spread from backbone down to his tooshie. A big circle and then upwards again. There are particular spots I really like to touch.  Softly first, then with a firmer grip I enjoy the curves and edges with neck and crop. 

My words are cozening.

… *

Everything that is existing in this world is worth to be watched, isn’t it? There is a new photo story. My feet were presenting themselves from their best view during the last months. Now we are going one floor upwards to my hands which are already really excited. The photos of my first hand-story were taken on a particularly spacious cemetery. Nearly unbelievable but true.  Click here for watching:

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