We made it! For the next few days the clocks are ticking slight slower. We all need to get through this, both the hard-core Christmas fanatics (“Will this 3 meter tree be enough?”), those with alternative plans (“Christmas on the beach is so much more festive than in grey snow and slush.”) and the Christmas rebels (“I am moving to a monastery right now or at least pull all the plugs, even for the TV set!”). Everybody gets in the mood for looking back, congratulating themselves on their achievements, set new goals for the upcoming year and just slow down for a second to just feel what is slowly creeping through evey nook and cranny to warm up your heart, if you want it or not.

Come on, Anna, I just want to know what you have to say about getting through to the lady of my heart. No smalltalk please!

Oh, this is not just small talk. Because this indescribable thing that engulfs us, even more in the coming days, it is know as… Love. It makes everybody, yes even you and me, richer, more colorful, more distinct. Without love not a lot happens. Without love you are just an empty shell. It simply does not work out and if you can’t find another person that is happy about you and does show this happiness, even then you will find something that sparks joy inside you. We were made with love and this flame keeps burning inside us.

So feel the love and show it to the person that is next to you, the lady of your heart. Show it in the small and in the big things. Show her that you are present, show her that you’d carry her on your hands every day and make a little step towards this every day. A romantic movie just pulls your romance away and into the TV SET. The human being right next to you is always more beautiful than George Clooney or Julia Roberts, because you can feel and smell and touch them. This is the only stage true romance plays on. It’s a place you know but still learn new things every day. This is the person that says YES to you, in the morning, at noon, in the evening and even with a little snore at night. You can celebrate this every day, no matter how mundane the day is. Cheers! Yes, a class of champagne or wine can help you feel the mood, but be careful. If you need more than that you just dampen your senses and you are not 100% at the spot of the action – and that is exactly where you need to be.

So live, love, fall in love. Every day and when something inside you rebels on this though, ask yourself what would happen when she is not around anymore. Would that really be an alternative?

Oh, thank you Anna! That leaves me with something to think about. Thank you, my pleasure.


So what’s new in 2020?

A surprise!

Really? Tell me!

I am taking some time off. 12 years in my studio. Giving a place of refuge to people, being an Oasis… I now want to recharge myself, leave this hamster wheel of mine and I really have no clue, when and where I will surface again – and in which identity. Live is unpredictable – and fun.

Anna Felicis, or whoever that is – well, the human behind her, wants to live, love, grow and be a very normal person.