So, are you looking forward to some golden autumn days? Trees are showing full colour and mushrooms pile up on the forest floor. And those who can tell the dangerous fungi from the tasty ones will be lucky indeed.

Now back to tasty and lucky…

We are getting into the hot parts of my little series, how to really please the woman of your heart. And I will take some time for this and not tell you everything at once. In my December Anna mail there will be further details, so we can start 2020 fresh and with new topics.

You have read all my instructions from mail Nr. 23 and put them into practice? I sure hope so then without this you are really blind in the dark and your Queen of Hearts might actually Club you…

So here we go.

What is an ideal dooropener (or kickstarter) for an erotic encounter with your loved one? Of course: the kiss. Without a kiss it says pretty dry… Then something is missing, like the topping on the cake, the laces on the shoe or the leaves in autumn. And I don’t mean the simple friendly pecking. These are a universal sign of friendship, yes, but also very common. I am talking about a kiss between two lovers.

When, where and how?

Now, a real mighty sensual erotic Kiss with all it’s details, lips, tongue, teeth, does need some time. And nothing is more frustrating then being left alone right after a hot kiss. If you start, you need to bring the time to finish. See it like a dance: to ask for one and then stop after 10 seconds without a warning is very… uncorteous. After any A there needs to be a B, and you better bring the time and energy if she wants C and D as well.


Hot kisses are not for bystanders. If you need appreciative comments from an audience, you are mentally at a different place but not on the lips of your lover. Intense kisses taste best when enjoyed intimately. They belong to your loved one and if you want to watch, better turn on your PC*

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As Joseph Conrad used to say: Kisses are the remnants of paradise.

So kiss your self to paradise, over and over again 🙂

Let’s meet again in December for the last part of my series.

*PS: A mighty “weak knee inducing” kiss of love, that stops the world all around you for a moment, of course can be exchanged in public. For example on the dancefloor…