What is the difference between an erotic massage and a conventional massage?

A conventional massage is focussed on physical disorders whereas an erotic massage means closeness and touching. The erotic masseur usually arranges her programme by herself, some of them had a special training and combine massage techniques with erotic elements. An erotic massage doesn’t ignore the nipples, the penis, the vagina or the butt. By request these parts will even get my particular attention. Your arousal is always welcome and may even come to a climax. The masseur is completely dressed during a conventional massage whereas she will be nude or only lightly dressed in an erotic massage.

What is the difference between a classical Tantra Massage and your sensual-erotic massage?

The sensual-erotic massage has been existing since people wanted to do each other good. Even in the ancient world there was sensual-erotic massage, that is why we don’t have to be surprised that this skill is instinctively inside us – touching each other sensual as well as erotically. If there is this certain feeling of togetherness each erotic massage we are giving will be successful. The Tantra Massage is a younger kind of massage. It has been practised since the 1990s and its roots are in “Tantra” (one tendency in Indian philosophy). Many Tantra studios offer courses in Tantra Massage.

Both massages are wellness massages and don’t have a special structure. They are for relaxing and vitalization including touching the genital area. During a classical Tantra Massage this happens unintentionally without stimulating you directly, and there is also a focus on cure. In an erotic massage it happens on purpose, the sexual stimulation wants to be inspiring and relaxing. 

The classical Tantra Massage on the one hand is a ritual full body massage, on the other hand it has a remarkable

spiritual (it is about spiritual experiences with your body, your sexuality and your senses),
esoteric (the pursuit of absolute awareness), and
tantric (the feeling of unity of body and soul, the idea of Chakra, deity cult, rituals)

The classical Tantra Massagehas a clear structure with rules. The giving person (masseur/masseuse) and a receiving person (guest) with the eyes closed or blindfolded.

In my sensual erotic massage there is no mental superstructure from ancient cultures. In a confidence authentic atmosphere we are aspiring to body indulgence with all our senses and a wonderful experience in intimate togetherness. If you want it, you may touch me as well, because I like to receive what I give. It will be a natural encounter in which the most interior physical requirements will be satisfied like closeness, warmth and touching. 

While the classical Tantra Massage provides space for the deity of the guest, I provide space for phantasy and roleplay.

In opposite to the classical Tantra Massage  don’t use any special equipment for my massages – only the oil (with or without aroma) and my hands (alternatively other parts of my body, which may be touching you extremely skilful and tenderly).

All that I am doing with love, passion and full of relish for men, women and couples.

Did you get any special training?

I don’t have a massage training in the conventional meaning. In 2008, I dared getting involved in sensual-erotic massages as a career changer, because I am a sensitive and erotic person anyway. I like to touch men, women and couples with delight and passion.
You will feel my touching as familiar and pleasant as well as perhaps surprisingly new. I often like to get inspired by absolutely non-professional people. Not each professional masseur is able to let the energy flow which the guest needs in this special moment. It is like arts: Studying arts doesn’t make an artist.
Everybody will be able to give a sensual-erotic massage if she or he is willing to learn it and to do her or his partner good. But love, dedication and presence are essential.

Are you using special massage techniques?

I incorporate approved techniques like caressing, kneading, rubbing as well as novel elements. Sometimes gently for getting down and wellness, or lithe for sensitisation of your whole body, also powerful – this will stimulate your muscles, but it won’t incapacitate you like a Thai Massage. Additionally, there will be some special touches for dreaming and seduction. I use a technique of a light pressure, my hands will pause at some parts. I will mostly touch you with my hands, but I also use other parts of my body which are suitable in a wonderful way (feet, legs, nose, tongue . . .), and you will feel my whole body on yours. My main movements will be wonderfully gentle and slow. This will touch you physically as well as mentally.
Erotic is a highly adventurous game.

What exactly can I expect when I come to you?

I welcome you with a cup of tea, you arrive by having a small talk with me. This way we will be building a bridge to each other. Then I’ll take you to the nice bathroom with a warm floor. Here you can freshen up. When you are ready you get back to me and make yourself comfortable on the futon. The beautiful setting with dimmed light, candle light and romantic music invite you to give yourself up to me. You will forget everything outside for a while and feel very comfortable.

Then we start with the massage you chose. I touch you and your sensitive spots in a dedicative and special way. My hands will be touching each part of your body – sometimes firmly and powerful but also tenderly and sensually. You will feel how pleasant it is to experience and to enjoy these touches. Your particularly sensitive zones will be pampered with my hands, arms, legs, with my feet or my breasts – just as the case may be. Here you will experience an increasing sensation of desire which often bursts out into orgasm – perhaps you’ll feel it in you cock or even in your whole body? Sometimes it may be an intensive, hot or explosive orgasm, sometimes it may be a smaller but equally indulgent orgasm. Or maybe it will stay inside – that can be different.

An orgasm may occur but not necessarily. It always takes two and there is no pressure neither for you not for me. Everything that happens is good and has its place. There will be a nice curve of excitement ending in a beautiful arrival in reality. If you want to touch me as well, I will let myself go and enjoy you touching me. Follow your impulses to explore my skin or give me the lead if you feel uncertain. Giving and receiving and giving again has a wonderful dynamic between to people. Please understand that I like to experience mutual touching if you are  prepared to spend at least 1,5 hours. 

My I touch you as well?

If you spend about 1,5 hours or more, we will have enough time for mutual touching.

What does “enjoy passively” mean with the Amsterdam massage?

With the Amsterdam Massage you experience a nice erotic full body massage – on your back as well as on your front. Enjoying this massage you will indulge in my enchanting magic, and you will be allowed to touch me a little bit.

What do you mean by “seduction to active togetherness” with the Venice massage?

If you book the Venice massage with 1,5 hours, we’ll have time enough to spoil each other bodily. You may touch and caress my body as you feel it is harmonious for you at this moment. If you are uncertain, I’ll lead your hand or I let myself go and receive your touch.

What is the difference between the Venice Massage and the Berlin Massage?

The Berlin Massage (2 hours) is more intensive. You will feel it is going prettily deeper. Both massages have the active togetherness in common. You can see that in my film. . .

What does the Paris Massage include?

The Paris Kiss Massage – 4 hours is a very particular form of erotic massage. We won’t only be in a lying position. There are many more delightful positions we can experience together. In Paris Kiss there will be an extra on top – the “cherry on the cake”.   In addition there will be some delights for the palatine in shape of little treats – after this massage they will definitely not get on your waist.

What exactly happens with Fantasia?

You will deeply relax and dream, guided by music, my hands softly caressing your body and my closeness. Here you neither experience a massage nor do you touch me. In opposite to my other massages we will be lightly dressed.

Do you provide any extras?

Yes, I do: With the Paris Kiss Massage – 4 hours – there I give you an extra candy (e.g.an Anna strip or having a shower together, mutual undressing, little role plays).

Do you sometimes offer even more, if you like a guest?

I don’t offer sex, if you want that you are wrong about me, please understand.

Do you also offer any kind of BDSM – leather, patent leather, whips?

I like imaginations and perhaps you will find elements of this variation with me. My touch may trigger pins and needles, my finger nails like drawing outlines on your skin or they may be like little needles. The glance by my eyes may bond you deeply. Just have a try.
There isn’t only one way to Rome . . .

How will the couple massage be like?

When giving a couple massage I touch and seduce the woman, the man and the couple. Experience a warm threesome situation in which everybody is allowed to let herself or himself go. Each partner may watch the enjoying partner or may become active in a wonderful prickling and intimate atmosphere. You will get some more information about the couple massage at the link “Massages for Couples” and in my film . . .

Does the London Massage include mutual touching?

Oh yes, you may touch me, I like it very much.

Is the London Massage a more dominant one?

As you like it. I can also leave away my high heels and my rug beater. The main thing with my London Massage should be the sensual experience with my nylon tights.

Could you tell me a little bit more about the Las Vegas Date?

Uh . . . that’ll be difficult, because the schedule is always different.
You come with your submissive fantasy.
Are you looking for an award or a penalty? Would you like to get educated? You are unlucky with women and want to alter this? You don’t get enough closeness by your wife?
I’ll take the sublime part. My approach will be a domination on eye-level with respect, dignity and attentiveness.

Oh, are you a dominatrix now?

No, I’m not. I’m a woman with many facets. One of them is the overwhelming delight to play in a very special way with my intrinsic powers. I like the subtle and subliminal way.

You will experience my power rather without any bonds but even though you won’t be able to move. Your submission isn’t based on humiliation but on your strength.

Do you use any special equipment for the Las Vegas Massage?

I have a growing collection of “leadership-equipment”. If you like to feel a little bit more on your skin than just my hands, feel encouraged to ask me.

May I tear your nylon tight during the London Massage?

Of course, if you bring new ones.

If I don’t fancy domination, can we switch into a massage-cuddling mode?

Yes, that’s more than OK. What I want is that you’ll be fine.

Any more questions? Ask me . . .