The sensual – erotic massage

is a special kind of wellness-massage. It provides an opportunity to immerse into a wonderful moment of bodily enjoyment and let you forget the world outside for a while. It will raise your spirits and give you more energy. Sensual in this context means to enjoy with all your senses, to waken them, to raise them: seeing, listening, smelling, tasting, and feeling. If you consciously use all your senses and pay attention to the beautiful things in life you will experience the power and calm of sensuality. Often our sensuality disappears in the turbulent daily grind and in our relationship. Enjoy your life with all your senses and your life will be more intensive. Erotic massages are one way to recover our sensuality and give more energy to our love. It provides relaxation and may waken desires of even more intimate touching. By this way sensuality can be explored more intensively.
Erotic in this context means that we encounter each other nude. The lovingly, caressing, and gentle touches by my nude body in a beautiful relaxing setting of comfort and shelter will do good. Perhaps you want to go on a journey exploring my beautiful body? You will be allowed to, because I like to receive what I give.

Who does not long for caressing?

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