Sensual-erotic massages for couples

I guide you into the land of erotic.

Let me touch you, enjoy your bodies in a threesome. Watch your partner how you can let yourselves go and enjoy. Feel 4 hands on your skin – 2 familiar ones and 2 unknown ones – tenderly massaging, caressing, holding, arousing. This experience being accompanied by an affectionate third person opens new dimensions.

A couple massage is a wonderful opportunity of looking beyond your own noses or beyond your togetherness that perhaps has become somehow routine.

Here I portion my attention out to two persons. I combine different methods of perception of our bodies – my own body as well as yours. The couple’s desires are always welcome. We are very close on the futon and can see and touch each other.

I start touching the woman sensually. The man can see how his partner let herself go. The woman experiences to take centre. I invite the man touching her with the same energy. Then I massage the man and the woman experiences his reaction. Now she joins me touching him and concentrates to one part of his body.

In the erotic part of the meeting I increase our common body-experience by using my whole body and invite to enjoy one common body pleasure. Now I am the companion who beautifies the setting with love and empathy.

How is it like to feel well-known hands as well as unknown ones on your nude skin? Everybody touches, everybody will be touched, everyone holds, will be hold and caressed. Your own sensations will get their space and will be accepted.

It is very good not to have a schedule for this journey. It is more important to let yourself float. Each encounter between people is different from the other ones. Your needs, your desires and the way you feel that day make this meeting unique.

This wonderful body feeling is important for your perception of your own body and invites you to love yourself the way you are.

It is an extraordinary experience that will inspire a couple’s sexuality in a wonderful way.  Film for couples

A meeting with a coupe takes 2 hours – € 400,00 or 3 hours – € 500,00. For questions or appointments please call

+49 – 152 – 260 99 043