NEW 1. Tokio

Would you like to experience far eastern elements very close and with all your senses? In this case you should experience my Tokio, because Tokio is pure contrast – pulsatile as well as calming you down.

1,5 h for € 250,00 / 2 h for € 300,00 / my film

What exactly does Tokio contain?

Here you will feel more than just my hands on your skin. This time we won’t be nude. I will string a Tokio belt around your waist and your honourable part. Then I will stimulate you by that. I’m not going to tell you everything now, but this cloth is really magic. After recreating from this – when you really have arrived as a Tokio guest – you indulge in my art of knocking. Don’t worry, the pictures are showing a lot, but they don’t give an impression of the wonderfully relaxing feeling after this knocking stimulation. I will accurately pay attention that you don’t start twitching. I will use different drumsticks. I chose them with the help of experts and practised to use them until perfection. After having tried all these different sticks on you I will care again about the sumo belt and its content.

Drumsticks? That’s thrilling?

Yes, in dependence on my knocking technique I will stimulate some regions in this special way without making you feel unbearable pain. It definitely does not go into the direction of SM. 

What a pity!

Who is now thinking “What a pity!” – there is no pity – for this particular desire I have created my Las Vegas. 


2. Las Vegas

Do you feel deep inside yourself the desire for domination on eye level and do you want to act it out with me? You should choose Las Vegas, because Las Vegas is imposing and fantastic.

1h for 200,- €/ 1,5h for 250,-€ / 2h for 300,-€ see questions / my Photos

What happens if I choose Las Vegas?

There we will move off the paths of massage.  We will be gamblers and break free from our everyday roles. We will play the game of opposites.

In tenderness you will experience hardness. The soft tones will shrill in your ears. Your power will melt down to weakness.

Sometime you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

3. London

You like the sexy legs in nylons and you want to feel them during my massage sliding on your body? You should choose my London, because London is hip and prickling.

45 minutes for € 150,00 / 1,5 h for € 250,00 / 2 h for € 300,00 see: questions / my photos

With the Paris massage I like to wear my nylons if you like that.

What exactly happens with the London massage?

I won’t be nude like in my other massages with a single guest, but I will wear a pair of sexy nylon tights. I am very close to you during my massage so you will feel my nylon covered thighs, feet and bottom. Later during the erotic part I will touch you with my whole body, roaming between your legs, stimulate your butt cheeks with my venus . . .and, and, or . . .? Imagine this wonderful feeling.

4. Fantasia

You just want to lie in my arms, let me touch you gently, relax deeply and experience “slowtime”?  You should book Fantasia, because Fantasia is the land of dreams.

1 h for € 120,00  see: questions

What exactly happens with Fantasia?

You will deeply relax and dream, guided by music, my hands softly caressing your body and my closeness. Here you neither experience a massage nor do you touch me. In opposite to my other massages we will be lightly dressed.

5. Kissed by Venus – for the man who had already experienced very much but could not find what he was looking for

You think you had already experienced nearly everything but you are longing for a particularly surprising sensual-erotic encounter . . . genuine, natural, unique and extremely touching? You should meet the Venus, because if you kiss the Venus, you won’t need anything else.

I’ll give you more information about it, if you have been with me at least once and enjoyed a Paris massage.

For questions or appointments please call

+49 – 152 – 260 99 043