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Yes, I too indulge into the swirl of news. Life is a thrill and I love to make my way with eyes and ears open to get inspired.
I won’t exaggerate though posting news every week. Some things need time to ripen and to find their place.

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Simpler is better…

Hi there! Were you able to get some slowness into your live the past weeks? If you are going fast, you will be missing much… so stay on course!

Today we are going to talk about things that matter even more. You’re in the mood and would like to start the dance of love with your beloved? Well then you need to start the fire inside her first. Less with words. Don’t even think of “Dear – we did not have sex for sooooo long. Let me light some candles”. A new piece of lingerie could be a door opener? But when the burden of everyday work and other regularities simply won’t let her celebrate the opening of her feminity, you won’t get far with a little nothing of clothes.

Annas magic word: – Simplicity. Just try it with some simple things.

No big stage setting. He who knows uses simplicity and presence. Don’t lose yourself in hectic activities. And you do not need any equipment. You just need two things: Her and You.

Every person has their own favorite spots, where they just like to be touched. It may be the head and neck, or the arms, or the hands, or the back, or the belly, or the breasts, or the booty or any part of the legs and feet. You need to find these spots and then give them your full attention. It is irrelevant whether these sweet spots are covered or not – touch them, put your hand on them and let them feel the warmth of your hands. This works best if you are focused, concentrated and present. The neck often is uptight and a sensitive spot too. Find a place behind her after dinner, caress her neck softly and slowly, feel for her muscles and let your fingers circle around them. How long? As long as she likes it. You may start with a minute but give her a 15 minute massage if she does not make you stop. But if she relaxes, you do everything right. When she starts to reject it, it might be either just the wrong moment, or she does not know where you want to end with your touching journey. Then let her know, that this little touch-break can simply be enjoyed on its own but also would be a good step on the way to get intimate.

‘And what about myself?’ My guests often tell me, that they are the ones who give but their partners just don’t answer the touch.

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So, be present, find her sweet spots and give them your full attention. Just try it.

We’ll read each other at the end of summer. Keep it hot!

Oh, regarding hot – my studio in the back of an old building of course is quite a bit cooler than outside.

Try it, with ..

So? Did you follow my advice to the traveler and made a thorough inspection of yourself? Could you feel your body a little bit different or was it back to the same-old? Being able to sense yourself is an important step to melt the heart of your desired lady. Just believe it. However, today we will make a few further steps in the topic of “better touching”. But first a word of caution. My words are not set in stone. I just grab from a deep treasure chest of experience and I also give you some little glimpses into my fantasies. Things I like might not impress all women, some might be even bored by them. So you as a man need to raise your antennas, receive her signals and learn to decipher them.

Annas magic word? Slowness. Try it with slowness. Slowwww. Keep it slooooowwwww. Do thing at a snails pace. Turn on the “slow motion”, turn down your speed, in everything you, once you approach her.

Look – have a deeper, longer look at her than usual…

Smile – I a little bit longer then you normally do…

Hold – her hand a little longer than she is used to…

Embrace – her a little longer when you say goodbye, when you say hello and in between

Count – silently to yourself. 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…

Feel yourself and also her with a slow motion mind. Breath deeply and take her with you in your breaths. Exhale and spread a soft carpet that she can sink into in your arms.

Of course this can lead to confusion and uncertainty, but your slowness is a gift for you, her and you both. And sometimes you need time to enjoy the extra attention you are giving and receiving.

A mindful reader will have realized that so far we are only at the daily routine of a couple between the “Goodbye my love”-kiss in he morning and the “I’ll go brush my teeth for the night”. But the daily routine is a great door opener for the more sensual time for two. Be more observant, more curious, more focused. Look at her with an uninhibited view and search for those details that your routine might have covered up. Anywhere your focus lingers, energy will accumulate and the temperature rises.

For those who moan:

Well, Anna, I would, but there is nobody female in my life right now.

Well, everything has its moment and in the meantime you just try this newfound slowness with yourself, because whatever you are searching for you most often will find in yourself.

We will continue this when summer starts again. See you then!

Look into my eyes..

So the new year already has us in its grip. Or are you gripping your year? Everybody runs at their own speed, but one thing is for sure, spring already has taken its wardrobe from the attic. The days are getting longer and I feel the lively spring spirits getting closer. One, two, three and they jumped into us, even you, to look in every nook and cranny, throw out the old, dust off the shelves and make room for all new things.

Oh, today you are a bit abstract, aren’t you?

Yes, I’d like to chart a course to my second fantasy-journey in the direction of the “Queen of Hearts”.

Oh, well. So where are we heading to this time?

Before we start we rest for a while at the starting block and check out the traveler from head to toe, as without a traveler there is no journey. Let’s look at the basics. If you want to get to a sensual destination, you need to feel yourself, who you are and what you are made of.

Look into a mirror – both real and in your mind. Have you got only a small one in the bathroom, in the car, or a large one, showing you from head to toe? These are the best ones. Look into it, look at yourself, at your face. Have you shaved yet? Or still wearing some designer stubble? Well groomed or rather casual? Run your fingers across your chin or better, take the sensitive insides of your upper arm. Does it scratch? Scratching is not good for matching. Your hair? Short, or to the shoulders or a lot less up to zero? Who takes care of you hair? A woman, a hairdresser “just the usual…” or you yourself, based on your style and preferences? What type of man are you? Individual? Vanilla or even grey and unimpressing? What about your gaze? Is it nervous or clear and steady? Can it be striking and cause weak knees? Can you talk with your eyes?

Smile, you are a charming guy!

Yes, that’s you and now look down on yourself. Are you the type that women like to touch curiously? What do you like about yourself?

Your upper arms? Are they powerful and tough? Can they carry a woman? Or are they a bit weak lately because there just was no opportunity? Do something about it. There is always time for some pushups! Look at your hands. Are they rough or soft, pampered or not worth a mention? Your hands are your seduction power number 2. And now farther down the body. Is there a belly or is there something that will be called a belly soon? Stay straight, shoulders back, tuck the tummy in. Yes, now that’s a better shape. Are you one of those people with a mobile in their hand, for games and reading news? Keep it in the pocket and see the world around you. That is way more interesting and stays in your head longer than all the online swiping and scrolling. And if you do it, you will pull others with you. Living offline is contagious. 😉 Where were we? Ah, belly. Turn around. Touch your rear with both hands. How does it feel? Firm, saggy or cramped? Relax. It’s better for the buttocks. What kind of bottom would you like? Is your behind an erogenous zone that invites the lady of your dreams to knead it? Yes? Rrrrrr… but if you think No, then do something about it. The derriere is such a place of joy, both for men and women. Just believe me. 😉 Keep looking… down the legs. Wearing saggy trousers? Why not well cut trousers that make the most of your legs? There are a lot of little details that make you interesting as a man in a woman’s eye. With shoes some men actually have passed by women in the style and color department. I’m impressed.

So – are you a pretty guy who enjoys making a mark on the female spectator? Yes? Congratulations, keep doing! No? Then ask yourself what is really important in life. We all are not getting younger and the earlier you are conscious of your body, the longer you can enjoy that. For sure? Well, be more offline, be more open for the little and the big encounters. Then you will know.

Annas advice: Feel more, think less…

Wishing you a beautiful, sensual spring!