Tokio Massage
The whole idea started with a sumo wrestling.  When I was watching it sometime last year on the telly, I kept fascinatedly staring at the belts which were bound elaborately as well as immensely useful. Fat bellies or not  I  didn’t care a fig for it – but these nude chests, these spread legs and this tiny piece of cloth in between – a movie slowly started  in my head. Loudly shouting a hulk blustered out of the ring, but for me the fight hadn’t finished yet. A sudden inspiration flashed across my brain and then – “Pling”: This will be ma new massage – Tokio.
What will happen if you choose my Tokio? I will move a long strip of cloth between your legs, wrap it around your waist (with more or less cushion on your ribs) and tie it with a strong knot. Then it will be tight and I will be able to play with this wonderfully rustling fabric.  When I rub, it will get warm, when I stop you will feel the cloth even  more intensively. After hardly getting used to your sumo string, you will feel my sticks on your back. With a skilful rhythm at the right places you will experience an emotional roller coaster by pressure and reverberation. Then a soft caressing.  Unknown sensations over and over. Would you disclose about the points which are driving you mad? Get into it and experience something new. Experience my Tokio!
I created a short film together with music for taking the bait. I hope it will make you particularly curious. For now only this: The model was pleased very much by my bellicosity 😊. Klick here