Anna is touching you . . .

I love the erotic energy between men and women. I love it to seduce my guest into a languorous prickling closeness. Your head full with a peck of everyday trouble you come here, and it seems for a moment time is sliding from bustle to slow motion.

My tender and curious hands have the wonderful gift to cozen you into a pleasant relaxation. Shortly before the mode of falling asleep you feel them where you never supposed them to be: the tips of my fingers – electrifying you and pitchforking you back into here and now. The my tender hands again, now you are expecting my little electrical flashes. But where? Where?

So far with part one. Part two is the high point of togetherness. Now I enjoy your hands and your body. It’s a highly pleasurable feeling when you are caressing my back, crossing the landscapes of my body and conquering them. Big busy, rough, soft, wirily hands – what an exciting antipole. While you are losing all your shyness and start exploring, I’m groping downwards your body. I love strained muscles (but not these “inflated” bodybuilding ones) and other typical male spots. I enjoy playing with your hair – rasped shortly or shoulder-length, falling down on your forehead or bundled to a pigtail. Then I’ll be tousling your hair – but restrain yourself. I’m just playing 😊. Then finally when conquering your manhood I love it when you let yourself go, looking into my eyes, jumping into the vast.  

Yes, I enjoy these two energies – man and woman – light and shade – sea and shore -Yin and Yang – Stan and Olly.

We should more often savour our bodies for treating our daily grind a little lighter.

By the way: Body indulgence. My feet also want to savour. That is why from time to time  I give them a little roller excursion with prickling massage rolls. 10 minutes back and forth. After that it’ll be prickling nicely down there 😊