Hi there! Were you able to get some slowness into your live the past weeks? If you are going fast, you will be missing much… so stay on course!

Today we are going to talk about things that matter even more. You’re in the mood and would like to start the dance of love with your beloved? Well then you need to start the fire inside her first. Less with words. Don’t even think of “Dear – we did not have sex for sooooo long. Let me light some candles”. A new piece of lingerie could be a door opener? But when the burden of everyday work and other regularities simply won’t let her celebrate the opening of her feminity, you won’t get far with a little nothing of clothes.

Annas magic word: – Simplicity. Just try it with some simple things.

No big stage setting. He who knows uses simplicity and presence. Don’t lose yourself in hectic activities. And you do not need any equipment. You just need two things: Her and You.

Every person has their own favorite spots, where they just like to be touched. It may be the head and neck, or the arms, or the hands, or the back, or the belly, or the breasts, or the booty or any part of the legs and feet. You need to find these spots and then give them your full attention. It is irrelevant whether these sweet spots are covered or not – touch them, put your hand on them and let them feel the warmth of your hands. This works best if you are focused, concentrated and present. The neck often is uptight and a sensitive spot too. Find a place behind her after dinner, caress her neck softly and slowly, feel for her muscles and let your fingers circle around them. How long? As long as she likes it. You may start with a minute but give her a 15 minute massage if she does not make you stop. But if she relaxes, you do everything right. When she starts to reject it, it might be either just the wrong moment, or she does not know where you want to end with your touching journey. Then let her know, that this little touch-break can simply be enjoyed on its own but also would be a good step on the way to get intimate.

‘And what about myself?’ My guests often tell me, that they are the ones who give but their partners just don’t answer the touch.

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So, be present, find her sweet spots and give them your full attention. Just try it.

We’ll read each other at the end of summer. Keep it hot!

Oh, regarding hot – my studio in the back of an old building of course is quite a bit cooler than outside.