Days are getting shorter again right now. You get up in the morning and it’s gloomy and you finish work in the darkness as well. Sunshine is taking firmly short shifts from now on, and everyone who wants to indulge in it has to hurry up. And here we are again: Rushing & Stress Inc. And it’s queer, that all these up to date bric-a-bracs rejoicing time savings are completely causing the opposite. We are panting behind time which is standing behind us laughing up its sleeve 😊.
A man is coming home his head filled with a cuddling fantasy he wants to express to the lady of his heart (as long as she’ staying home at all). But first of all daily grind will drag him towards the hard bottom of reality. “G´day everyday”, “Hi, kids”, “Oh, TV” and “ah, yes the web” – and suddenly it’s midnight. “Good night!”
Sweet fantasy keeps staying present though and perhaps he is courageous, sending little signals just passing by. But in spite of the big requirement for closeness, caressing, and conflation the familiarly comfortable banality won’t be chased off easily. Perhaps the not vanishing fantasy will flare up again later for a second time. One last attempt before sleep will overcome him? He thinks by himself: “Let’s get cuddly when it’s gloomy”? But often you will stop in your dry fantasy. He will turn on one side, ready to give himself over to sleep. Well, good night then.
Some of my guests sometimes adumbrate this act of a drama in a resigning way. But even though man will never protest, complain or even rise up. Everybody is talking about communication. Man is more or less ready to start a cooperative dialogue – is involved in it – or had even given up. She is often in more serious trouble nearby than to let herself ravish back and forth by the roaring waves of her husband’s desires.
My new approach Anna Safe 3.0 which I have been following for some time (Why? For which reason? look at my next-to-last blog entry) here in my studio opens some golden gates to the fantastic world of a holistic body indulgence which can be experienced, felt, enjoyed by man and woman – together.
For a couple of years I have been a supporter of this extraordinarily close, bodily slow amorous play with pre-, main- or after play – slow, slower, slowest. With the slogan “Darling, how long did we do yesterday and how the hell did our film end this time?” (There is an erotic trend called Slow Sex which goes exactly in this direction. Very, very thrilling 😊) .
Back into my studio. This is the linchpin for my guests and those who would like to be one.
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Anna’s dialogue:

Anna – you are so moralising
Nope – I’m a women and I accepted for myself the potential to touch men. To whisper into their ear and to stoke up male energy softly but dominantly up to a cozy fire.

Safe, what?
Safe, of course. That’s my new guideline. Being safe as a man as well as a woman, from hair tips to toeholds.

Don’t know if that’s the right thing for me.
Do you know what differs humans from animals?

The animals has got four legs, or five (hoot out)
Exactly. And humans have got their nude skin and by their senses they are able to experience themselves and their counterpart sensitively with even the tiniest detail.

Yes, I know that so far.
Nice to hear that, and do you know what I’m going to offer you therefore?

Go ahead.
I’ll take you to an Anna adventure tour.

Wow – that’s thrilling. Ok, ready, steady, go!
Tssss . . . Hold it, hold it . . . Of course as always there will be a sweet little snag in it.

I expected that. What shall I do?
Keep patient. In December – shortly after Christmas (Christmas gifts before Christmas is everybody’s way to do it), I’ll take you to my Anna fantasy body tour – you and me.

What? As late as that?
We want to avoid Rushing & Stress Inc. in the future. I’m thinking about a nice body tour and during those days you imagine which could be the paths man and woman can walk together celebrating a hot body feeling pour deux. Deal?

Fine. And now there is another surprise for you. During the last hot days this year I didn’t go out into nature but I kept staying in Berlin, filled my suitcase with beautiful things and my photographer took exciting pictures of me. Loads of “Anna in Berlin” photos are in front of me, and I have chosen 50 wonderful ones.
One click and you can watch them: Here you are.