When surfing the world wide web in case of erotic matters I consistently discover that there isn’t anything that doesn’t exist. Shyly investigating for a special fantasy the curious person will find a gigantic platform of opportunities for contacts full of pics and vids showing many more details than you would like to see. I’m not saying that erotic isn’t living inside my brain. But it is not what I find in the world wide web. Sweet dreams seductively lead me into the world of sensual erotic which doesn’t have anything in common with all these things you can buy outside there. 

Daybreak – far away in the distance the sun is gently pushing its first sunbeams into the tired grey sky. I’m lolling pleasurably. “Sweet or sour?” A voice  – very close to my ear. “Both,” I would like to have. “Hot or cold?” Do I really have to select so bloody early in the morning? “I want it cold.” Curious to see what I can expect. “A cream yoghurt! Oh no, please not! No Yoghurt!!” A spoon is approaching – filled to the rim with a berry on the top.  “No, you won’t, will you?” Hmm – it disappears unexpectedly in the mouth of the person carrying the spoon. A gaps of relief. Chuckle – a second one – this time close to my eyes. My mouth – flabbergasted, but now slightly opened. The spoon is coming closer, moistening my lips. Thinking about a baby with the mouth smudged. The spoon is wiping over my lips, very skilfully – then awkwardly. Closing my lips abruptly. The cold-creamy stuff gradually is getting warm and liquidates towards the corners of my mouth. An extremely pleasurable kiss is licking away the sweet cream. Glaring. This is not cribbed. It’s even more beautiful. It is a dream.

A sunbeam is tickling my shoulder. Dry mouth with dry lips. Did I dream? A taste of raspberries on my lips – was it the new lipstick or is my inner self longing for something completely different?

This was a dream detail*– and my new photos in my galleries in nature and in the studio are for dreaming as well (4 in each). I have even got many more hot photos in the can but I don’t want to flood my website with them. I’ll exchange some of them instead from time to time. So look again and again curiously into my galleries .

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