So? Did you get well through summer? Can you feel the power of autumn coming closer? Time flies and lies and we wonder where it all goes. Talkking about wondering … I do write with passion to get closer to my readers, but I have no clue whether my thoughts spark any reactions. It feels like my words are flying out into the deepest of the universe… and keep flying. Maybe one of you martians has a heart and writes me how my writings influenced them? That would mean a lot to me. Right now though I just keep waiting.

Now let’t continue with our course on how to be really nice to the lady of your heart. What were our stations on this journey so far?

Part 1 – Sharpen your conciossness

Part 2 – Bring slowness into the everday

Part 3 – Keep it simple, use your presence

So we passed three important milestones already. Do you want to continue? Then you need to open up time and space, to get into full erotic contact.

Your appartment, the room with the lockable door, the sofa, the kitchentable, at the fireplace, in the car, in the woods… there are many places where you can get together. But it should be comfortable 😉

Keep your office hours in the office and the rest of the day is for your leisure and can be planned.

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How much time do I need? Well, at least so much that nobody needs to check the clock. Think about your movie night. Keep the TV off and make your own programme. Cook dinner together, set the table romantically, wear something nice and enjoy the time together in candle light. The days are getting shorter fortunately.

Find Space and Time and feel for the magic of the new and unknown and unexpected. Try it. And for some more help, check out my last mail and the one before.

You’ll read more from me in the golden days auf Autumn (a time I really love).

 See you then!