So? Did you follow my advice to the traveler and made a thorough inspection of yourself? Could you feel your body a little bit different or was it back to the same-old? Being able to sense yourself is an important step to melt the heart of your desired lady. Just believe it. However, today we will make a few further steps in the topic of “better touching”. But first a word of caution. My words are not set in stone. I just grab from a deep treasure chest of experience and I also give you some little glimpses into my fantasies. Things I like might not impress all women, some might be even bored by them. So you as a man need to raise your antennas, receive her signals and learn to decipher them.

Annas magic word? Slowness. Try it with slowness. Slowwww. Keep it slooooowwwww. Do thing at a snails pace. Turn on the “slow motion”, turn down your speed, in everything you, once you approach her.

Look – have a deeper, longer look at her than usual…

Smile – I a little bit longer then you normally do…

Hold – her hand a little longer than she is used to…

Embrace – her a little longer when you say goodbye, when you say hello and in between

Count – silently to yourself. 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…

Feel yourself and also her with a slow motion mind. Breath deeply and take her with you in your breaths. Exhale and spread a soft carpet that she can sink into in your arms.

Of course this can lead to confusion and uncertainty, but your slowness is a gift for you, her and you both. And sometimes you need time to enjoy the extra attention you are giving and receiving.

A mindful reader will have realized that so far we are only at the daily routine of a couple between the “Goodbye my love”-kiss in he morning and the “I’ll go brush my teeth for the night”. But the daily routine is a great door opener for the more sensual time for two. Be more observant, more curious, more focused. Look at her with an uninhibited view and search for those details that your routine might have covered up. Anywhere your focus lingers, energy will accumulate and the temperature rises.

For those who moan:

Well, Anna, I would, but there is nobody female in my life right now.

Well, everything has its moment and in the meantime you just try this newfound slowness with yourself, because whatever you are searching for you most often will find in yourself.

We will continue this when summer starts again. See you then!