Do you feel overwhelmed by extraordinary challenges more and more – like me? If one of them is coming towards you, you care about it. Happy to be ready with it you are looking forward to more free time. But in most cases it isn’t like that. Juggling with some more brand-new news, the next “implicitly to do” is flashing. Sometimes I ask myself, what I was doing in the old days with that lot of free time without any unscheduled things. Curiously grinning you may ask me what on earth is concerning me so much. Let me tell you about some news.
Recently a guest called me who had had an appointment with me some weeks ago. He had felt very comfortable and enjoyed our esoteric togetherness with all his senses. Some weeks later it started rattling down there in a strange way, so he consulted a doctor of his confidence. He diagnosed him with sy – – – s. Lummy! You don’t need to have that. “Where did I pick it up?” he asked himself. My telephone rang. He gave me a short briefing about his situation and explained concisely this bloody illness. He was now browsing each “more intimate contacts” with this displeasing message. But I was sure about one thing – test result or  not – the carefreeness about oral delights will have to look for a new home from now on. I took this phone call as a broad hint: Dear Anna, look more exactly what to do or better refrain from doing it.
Love, delight and indulgence is the greatest experience human beings can have together with each other, but without your health it is more difficult with trinity.
Some days later the doctor of my confidence informed me, that I was bristling with a brilliant health. This made me even happier than him. Now I wanted to know about the matter more exactly and started reading in the www about STI (sexually transferable infections), learning more and more. After all the “ahas” and “ohos” had come out of myself, I wanted to talk to experts. The world wide web is quite nice, but a discussion with an old hand in the matter will be resonating much more inside me than an ocean full of information. I really was amazed what kind of pretendedly extinct illnesses men and women (no matter whether hetero, lesbian or gay) may catch in touch with wet indulgence.

The next step was the practical transfer of Anna Safe 3.0

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Conclusion until now:

I don’t have just my – let me call it centre – which may wake up my desire into the illimitable.Hands caressing my body let me shiver. Lying close together, touching each curve, feeling, enjoying. Didn’t know how much my desire can be celebrated by caressing my breasts. When the focus is changing towards the whole thing, more rooms towards yourself are opening. And concerning to the centre of my guest, I’m fascinated as well what kind of energy my magic hands are creating, making it really and unforgettable beautiful.
And now – what about the “little protectors”? I’m enjoying it with them as well, and some of those who have to make friends with these little things experience funny situations. I think that not everybody who is using them actively will fancy them. But it’s important to know about it and trying it. Nowadays this is not only concerning to the more or less often mentioned fringe groups. It’s concerning to all of us, because promiscuity is not only swashing into our country from outside, we and our sexual partners are getting more and more involved.
And by now, my guests will have to ask themselves: Anna Safe 3.0 – doing it or better refraining from it?